Our story

Whatson Planner. Knows when.

Why have we started all this

We love friendships

… and want to bring people together more easily

We believe in visual

… and change the way we send invites

We like to simplify things

… so you spend more time on enjoying than actually planning

Whatson Planner is a product from a Dutch start-up company. Three years ago, after planning their appointment with difficultly, the two founders decided on a common goal: bringing people together more easily and more often.

They faced the challenge of creating a platform-independent planning mechanism with limited knowledge of app development. After two years of development, testing and prototypes they can finally announce the release of their new app.

“We are proud that we can offer everybody the ‘Whatson Planner Magic’ at no charge, hoping that lots of people will gratefully make use of it”


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What's in the name

We inspired our name on Dr. Watson. He used to be a smart guy supporting the old Sherlock. He was pretty good at finding the unfindable. We were kind of inspired by his analytical approach when we needed to solve our planning issues. No worries, no murders here, just the same analytical reasoning. The result is that Whatson just gives the best timeslots to meet, just think of it as a search engine for time. Finally, we added the ‘h’. W-h-atson. Because it lets you know what-is-on.

And we continue...

And we are not there yet. We continuously invest in our startup. In fact, we have some pretty cool features in progress.
We continue, but not alone! Interested? Get in touch now!