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Glad to meet. We are Whatson

Have you ever spent more time scheduling a meeting than actually enjoying one? We certainly have! Introducing Whatson Planner, your search engine for time that finds the best options to meet without sharing your agenda.

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We love to bring people together

We believe planning should be super simple

We value our privacy

Fun and easy meeting scheduler

No endless app conversations, no more back-and-forth messages, no more wasting time checking and re-checking your schedule(s). Meeting your friends shouldn’t be that hard. We have put all the hassle of planning a meeting aside. Whatson Planner wins the battle and tells you the time that works for everyone.

Our damn good way to plan... Are you in?
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In only 3 steps and 30 seconds

Whatson Planner directly tells you the time that works for everyone in only three steps:

  1. Select who’s attending
  2. Choose a general timeframe
  3. Get the three best options to meet

And voilà, you’re done.

Packed with great functions that go beyond

Find the time

Whatson gets the party together with his growing brain. Select your contacts and Whatson Planner instantly points out the three best options to meet.

Build excitement

Make beautiful photo-invitations, have a clear perspective on your social life and look forward to your next meeting while using the built-in chat.

Keep control

Whatson Planner works with every calendar, seamlessly connects with your contacts and keeps in mind when you just don’t feel like meeting people. Also know that Whatson will keep your appointment details private.

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Ready to meet?

We sure are! We love hearing from you. Any questions and suggestions are more than welcome.

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