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 Whatson Planner finds the best time ánd location to meet. 

Whatson schedules meetings in seconds due to it’s awarded search engine for time.

Whatson finds the optimal location to meet and minimizes travel time.

Once scheduled, Whatson manages the hassle around it.

Sounds easy right?

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We find the best time and location to meet.

The benefits for businesses are clear


Increased efficiency for everybody

No more hassle… the scheduling is done for you.

More effective sales departments

Whatson makes sure that meeting gets scheduled.

Reduced CO2 footprint

Less kilometers travelled by employees due to optimal meeting locations

Packed with great functions that go beyond

Integration with all types agendas
i.e. Google, iCloud, Office365

Time zone support
for your international meetings

Styled business invitations
for guests outside the company

Privacy guaranteed –
agendas and availability are never shared

Internal and external meeting
locations integrated

Automatically suggest
Skype conference calls

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